Mehndi Henna

I am interested in Henna, but don't know much about it.

Mehndi is the centuries old art of painting the body for good luck and celebrations from Persia, Asia, and Africa.

Our Natural Brown Organic Henna is derived from the leaves of the Henna plant.  We make a paste and apply it to your skin with simple instructions on how to care for your Henna. It stains the skin for one to three weeks.  It has a relaxing and cooling feel to it with an earthy aroma.

Interestingly enough, the paste is dark brown which dries and is scraped off leaving an orange/brown stain.  This stain darkens to a deeper orange/brown over the next few days and then will lighten and disappear.


 Jagua vs. Black Henna

There is no such thing as "black henna".  Henna is a plant that stains the skin brown, as listed above. 

There is a product out there that stains the skin black that contains PPD (paraphenylendediamine) and can cause severe allergic reaction.  WE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.  People often refer to this as "black Henna". 

We have a skin stain that is from the fruit "Jagua" that stains the skin blue/black (BUT IS NOT "BLACK HENNA").

If you are looking for a dark stain that lasts up to three weeks, you will love Jagua.  This gel is placed on your skin and scraped off similarly to Henna.  Day two it looks like the art is almost gone to a pale grey but deepens in color to a blue/black beautiful piece of art.


Airbrush Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are good for girls and boys of all ages and last for 3-7 days with proper care!