Each artist or entertainer is 
$150 for 1.5 Hours

*except Santa and the Easter Bunny
(Santa and the Easter Bunny Prices Below)

Each additional thirty minutes requested is $50 

Consider the following when 
booking your event:​​

Please compare the amount of faces we can paint to the time you book. One face painter can paint 12 -18 full faces or 24 quick faces in 1.5 hours.  We are often booked back to back, especially on Saturdays.  We probably have to leave at the end of your event and don't like leaving children or adults sad because we have to pack up. Miss Gina can help you determine how much time is needed.  

If it's a family party, please remember that adults frequently will ask at the end of the children's line to want their faces done too.  Most women want to be pretty flower princesses or sexy cats (we contour as we go and add glitter), and all grown men will rock the Mike Tyson "Hangover movie tattoo", superhero, or the cow their child dared them to get!   We won't paint adults until we get approval from you, and will paint the children first.  Ask us to bring Henna for the teens/adults.

Princesses Painting Parties:  The princess will arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your guests arrive to set up and paint the birthday guest for 1:1 character time/photos (you are not charged for this time).  Your favorite princess will write a list of who to paint next as guests arrive, paint their faces, and sing Happy Birthday behind the birthday child.  Princesses will have a crown ceremony for the birthday girl just before singing, giving her a crown gift from us.  Get your cameras ready! It's a memorable picture when your child has her crown, princess behind her, all of her friends with their faces painted, with a candle lit cake, and a big birthday smile.  The princess has a book of 5 minute princess stories in her case to read to your guests while they eat their cake.  All Princesses stay in character.

Superhero parties:  Your superhero will entertain the children with a superhero obstacle training course including kryptonite carry, superhero squats, relay race, and more with superhero props.  Your favortie character will stand behind the birthday child and sing Happy Birthday for a great photo.  Superheros stay in character.  Miss Gina customizes each party, call so she can ask some questions to make your party special.  Ask how tro add a craft option to your party.

Glow Parties (great for teens and young adults):  We have a black light for a 10x10 area to activate our face glow paint.  Outside this 10x10 area you will need a black light.  Most DJs have black lights for Glow Parties.  Teenagers love blacklight parties.  Let us know if you want us to do a T-shirt craft so they can make their own glow shirts.  Consider adding Henna and glitter tattoos. 

If you are booking Santa or the Easter Bunny:  Please have an idea of how many children will be attending your funtion.  Young children may need a "warm up" minute to approach the character for a photo.  Santa needs more time for Christmas wishes.  Santa will never promise any gift, parents are encouraged to listen in to wishes. Have a seating area ready for your character.  We do not provide the photographer (most customers like taking phone pictures). 

Santa is $250/hour and includes Mrs. Claus or an Elf to help with the line
and 24 candy canes. 

The Easter Bunny is $150/hr and includes a large white empty wicker basket, tent, bench to sit, and a professional spring backdrop.

There is a $50 non refundable deposit required to book all events.

We travel a three hours radius of Charlotte, NC.  We travel further for larger events and will add a travel fee of thirty cents a mile for over 30 miles from the artist. 

Our busiest months are October, April, and May.  Please try to call in advance for these months if possible.  We typically book a year out on certain days in October.

Art Classes - Our one of a kind clean technique is taught by a pediatric school nurse and not seen anywhere else.  Our Technician 1-5 Program was developed by Miss Gina.  You must complete Technician Level 3 to be considered for employment.

What do I expect next?  Call Miss Gina, she organizes every event.  She will ask various questions about your party to begin customizing details specific to your party and guide you through the process.  She will send you a text or e mail going over all of the details discussed for you to confirm.  Once you approve the details and decide to order, you will  be required to pay a $50 non refundable deposit (that is deducted from your bill) on the day of the event.  Your date is not held until a deposit is made.   Miss Gina will touch base with you three days before the event, and again the day before your event to go over any last minute requests.

Do we give discounts?  No. I feel it isn't nice to give some people discounts and not others, so it's the same price for everyone.   We charge a fair price for the service we provide.

Celebrity Parties:  Artists and characters do not take selfies, do not ask for autographs,  do not discuss what happens at your party, do not post where we were, and do not share information about your home.  We are sensitive to your private life and appreciate your business.